Art Direction, Brand Identity & Strategy
                                                                                                            Campaign, Packaging, Social Media

A sustainable clothing brand that epitomizes comfort, nature, and love. Founded on the principles of eco-consciousness and a deep respect for our planet, Cocoon crafts each garment with a commitment to both style and sustainability. Their designs, inspired by the serene beauty of nature, reflect earthy tones and soft textures, all while using eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and recycled materials. Prioritizing comfort without compromising on ethics, Cocoon aims to embrace a world where clothing not only feels good but also preserves the environment.

The aim for this identity and campaign is to inspire a mindful shift towards sustainable fashion choices rooted in comfort, nature, and love. By showcasing Cocoon’s designs and promoting the harmony between kindness and sustainability, they aspire to connect with a wider audience. Inviting them to embrace clothing that feels good, looks good, and is good.